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29th United Kingdom Continence Society


Annual Scientific Meeting

29th to 31st  March 2023


Obstetric Anal Sphincter Injuries: hands-on workshop

Wednesday 29th March 2023:  - 13.00 - 17.00


13.00 Introduction

13.10 Anatomy, Physiology and anal Ultrasound

13.40 Diagnosis of anal sphincter injuries

14.10 Video on diagnosis

14.20 Third and fourth degree tears repair

15.00 Coffee

15.20 Video on OASI repairs

15.35 Video on repair of rectal buttonhole tears

15 45 Video of pig anal sphincter repair

16.00 Hands-on anal sphincter repair

1700 Close of meeting


    Ranee Thakar, Subspecialist in Urogynaecology and Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Croydon University Hospital, Honorary Senior Lecturer at St George's University of London.

    Abdul Sultan, Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist,Croydon University Hospital, Croydon, Reader, St George's University of London.

Translabial Scanning

Wednesday 29th March 2023:  - 13.00 - 17.00


 Fiona Reid, Consultant Urogynaecologist, Manchester University NHS Trust.

Ivilina Pandeva, Consultant Urogynaecologist, Addenbrookes Hospital Cambridge University Trust

Claire Harrison, Clinical Product Specialist for Women's Health, GE Healthcare Ultrasound

Come and join this workshop to discover the potential of trans labial ultrasound in clinical practice.

Also consider its future role in research.

We will provide and overview of the science of ultrasound and demonstrate how to evaluate:

(1) Urethral mobility

(2) Urethral diverticulae

(3) Para urethral cysts

(4) Bulking Agents

(5) Mid urethral polypropylene tapes

(6) Polypropylene pelvic floor prolapse mesh

(7) Levator muscles 

BSUG Database Usage 

This workshop has been withdrawn

Leads: Kapil Kaur, Chair, and Rod Teo, Vice Chair; BSUG Audit Database Committee 

Urodynamics Update Workshop

Wednesday 29th March 2023:  - 14.00 - 17.00


Sheilagh Reid,  Consultant Urological Surgeon, Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injuries Centre, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield and 

Tamsin Greenwell, Consultant Urological Surgeon with Special Interest in Female Reconstructive and Neuro-urology

Urodynamics is the foundation of functional urology and urogynaecology. This workshop will focus on good urodynamic practice in line with the published ‘Minimum standards Document’ but will also include the challenges in the various patient groups: men, women, neurological patients, and children. We will also discuss the proposal for accreditation of units

14.00 – 14.10 Introduction

Tamsin Greenwell

14.10 - 14.40 Minimum Standards for a Urodynamics Unit

Mr Andrew Gammie, Clinical Engineer, Bristol Urology Institute

(Indication and Referral pathway, Audit, Training, MDT processes, Technical Aspects)

14.40 - 15.00 Urodynamics in females

Mr Steve Radley Consultant Gynaecologist Sheffield

15.00 - 15.20 Urodynamics in males

Mr Vivek Kumar Consultant Urologist Doncaster

15.20 - 15.50 Urodynamics in neurological patients

Sheilagh Reid,  Consultant Urological Surgeon, Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injuries Centre, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

15.50 - 16.10 Urodynamics in children

Dr Eskinder Solomon Consultant Clinical Scientist Guys and St Thomas and Ms Caroline McDonald Consultant Paediatric Urologist Sheffield

16.10 - 16.30 Practical Updates and Accreditation

Sheilagh Reid,  Consultant Urological Surgeon, Princess Royal Spinal Cord Injuries Centre, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield and Mr Andrew Gammie, Clinical Engineer, Bristol Urology Institute

16.30- 17.00 Case Discussions with faculty and delegates


Neuropathic Bladder UKCS 2023

This workshop will now be provided as a Webinar later in the year. Programme maybe subject to change.

LeadsAltaf Mangera, Consultant Urologist, The Princess Royal Spinal Injuries Centre and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield 


Nadir Osman, Consultant Urologist at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

This workshop will provide a good opportunity for round table discussions on topics affecting the care of patients with neuropathic bladder

We will discuss practical ways to minimise the impact of covid in ultrasound monitoring of patients with a neuropathic bladder

  • whether we are doing enough to optimise sexual function and fertility in patients with spinal injury
  • setting up a neuro-urology outreach service
  • the use of a sacral anterior root stimulator in patients with neuropathic bladder
13.00  Introduction

Altaf Mangera, Consultant Urologist, Sheffield Teaching Hospitals

13.05  Sexual Function and fertility in Spinal Patients - are we doing enough? 

Patrick Gordon, Consultant Urologist, Leeds Teaching Hospitals

13.40  Setting up a neuro-urology outreach service- pros and cons.

- Ruth/Praveesha?

14.30  Coffee

15.00 Ultrasound monitoring of neuropathic patients - moving forward in the post covid era-

Ian Beckley, Consultant Urologist, Pinderfields Hospital

16.00 SARS- should we be offering it more to our patients?

Deepti Bhargava, Consultant Neurosurgeon, Walton Centre, Liverpool

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