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 On line for Spring 2022

Annual Scientific Meeting

30th March to 1st April 2022

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7th March 2022 

Exhibition and Sponsorship 

Dear Exhibitor,

UKCS for 2022 has decided to hosts the Annual Scientific Meeting as an ONLINE event - still delivering educational content as well as via webinars through the UKCS Academy.

Webinars: The plan is to establish an educational portal for its members and non-members: for 2022 there are plans for 6 webinars. We are pleased to be working with Abbvie, Axonics and Medtronic in bring the webinars to streaming. Visit xxxxxxx to investigate options for your company

The Annual Scientific Meeting: 30 March to 1 April 2022. 

Company Supported Education

The UKCS  team is working to design an event series that offers top quality education delivered in an entertaining and inclusive way online, with high production values. 

This is basically the same philosophy that the team has towards companies involved – but the team has to design a completely new way for companies to get a return on their investment: from creating visibility and accessibility throughout 2022 by creating valuable connections for delegates to companies through educational materials including case histories and webinars, product demonstrations and listings to advertisements. 

In delivering the UKCS ASM on-line the UKCS has put together a production team who will design the scientific programmes and style the programmes to reflect UKCS philosophy.  There is a technical team in place to deliver on the event days and support contributors before, during and after the event.  This includes the companies involved.

Exhibition and Marketing

The return of the exhibitions is very much anticipated but the risks for Spring 2022 going 'onsite' again for many organisations is two great for now. Planning is now different with the requirements to reduce the risk of the spread of Covid 

Measures will mean a reduction in the numbers of booth available from 2019. However we plan to increase the use of technology to enable companies to make contact with delegates and non- delegates. Please refer to the pages offering a wide range of exposure for your company, before, during and after the Annual Scientific Meeting.

We hope that you like the ideas below and that they can offer engagement with your target specialists in support of your marketing efforts over the next 12 months.

Anticipated Numbers:  For 2021 there were 291 registered delegates then add to this those in departments viewing together at the time and post event 'streaming' delegates. 

We anticipate a market of professionals who will not attend conferences going forward and target their education via in-house seminars and on-line streamed programmes. UKCS will target this market with streaming of part or all of the Annual Scientific Meeting post the live event but allow for live streaming of company supported programmes.

With the options listed your company can have exposure over several months and we look forward to planning this activity and delivering sound marketing.

Please get in touch with our Secretariat as soon as possible to discuss your company’s need or make a booking!

Karen Guerrero
     Chair, UKCS

Prospectus for 2022: Contents

Company Medal Investors  Educational Options

Company E Zone Company Generated Material

Advertising Social Media

2022 ASM Attending Specialists will include:

  • Colorectal Surgeons
  • Urogynaecologists
  • Radiologists
  • Urological Surgeon
  • Physiotherapists
  • Specialist Nurses
  • Scientists/Managers/ Physiologists

Contact the Secretariat

Production Values and Making Contacts:

UKCS is aiming to provide the 2022 Annual Scientific Meeting with high production values. This will include three phases of production for each event: pre-event, during the programme and post (archive) periods offering timely and repeat ‘placement profile’ for companies and products, with encouragement for participants to make contact with executives via facilities incorporated into the event’s online site.

Supporting Company Profile: UKCS’s production team welcomes discussions to plan participation for mutual professional benefit. It is important that the imagery and contributions from companies are sell received, get attention and potential evoke an ‘action’ toward your contacts.

In the first instance please contact: 

Peter Mainprice on 07961 356290 or via email at UKCS@indexcommunications.com. Online video meeting facilities are available to create planning meetings between your team and Peter.


Contact the Secretariat

 UKCS Academy

This initiative launched in 2021 following the on-line Annual Scientific Meeting and follow up educational webinar series the UKCS Academy is the resource for education.

In addition to proceedings from UKCS events the Academy will post up relevant publications of interest to the MDT through to policy documents published with or without UKCS input.

Companies wishing to host a webinar should contact the Secretariat to discuss any proposals.

Visit here

UKCS Secretariat
c/o Index Communications Meeting Services
Crown House, 28 Winchester Road, Romsey
Hampshire, SO51 8AA, UK

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